Introducing you to Lucy ?

Hello there,

I’m Lucy and I’m studying the Bachelor of Museums, Conservation and Heritage at the UC, with a particular interest in the Heritage and Museum majors. I’m an original Canberra girl and currently work as a receptionist. I’ve just finished my Interior Design certificate as well so love surrounding myself with all types of pretty things! I’ve also worked as a feature writer for a Canberra based arts publication Big Ink and have done some volunteering for CMAG.

I was primarily drawn to the degree as I love telling stories, finding new stories, and sharing them around – I originally wanted to be a writer! However I think that this is really what history is about, and finding stories that have been unheard of and making it accessible to anyone is really powerful and I think an amazing job (and purpose) to have. So I had a change of heart and leapt into heritage studies and never looked back. I’m super excited for this unit and can’t wait to learn how I can be more active in some of the really cool changes that are happening in how we engage with, examine and share our history through the new technologies of our own history. Having already completed the Museum and Collection Managment unit in 2015, also run by Tim, I have a feel for a couple of the things we might be doing but know I have a lot to go :0

Apart from studying you can find me at the gym, going on adventures with my partner, or feeding my addiction; movies. My Dad works at the National Film and Sound Archive so my love of stories, movies, history and museums runs in the family!

Here I am at my most recent museum visit, The Dinosaur Museum 🙂 14012366_1319979831365237_1517757627_o

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