I’m Nour, I’m currently in my third year of Museums, Heritage and Conservation, majoring in Conservation and with a particular interest in painting conservation. I currently live on campus at Cooper Lodge, I work at Coles Belconnen (hi if you’ve seen me there!), and volunteer at the Calvary hospital, between work, volunteering and uni I try to stay active/busy by riding around the lake, painting, and reading. I wish I could say I do these things every day but realistically I can be pretty lazy most of the time.

I moved down from Melbourne just under three years ago to study at UC. In Melbourne I started and stopped a number of different courses trying to find something I was really passionate about; I tried to study visual arts but it wasn’t enough for me, then I tried to study science but it was too much for me – hidden somewhere between visual arts and science was painting conservation and it turned out to be a career I was passionate about pursuing! I’m half Syrian and half Lebanese so the dream is to one day work as a conservator in the middle east (keyword: dream).

I am really interested in heritage, but before starting this course I never considered the idea of digital heritage, but since touching on this topic in my past semesters I have found it to be not just interesting, but really important. I will be completing this unit primarily as an online unit due to a clash between this and Forensic Science but I am really excited to see how the semester progresses.

That’s all from me – but I’ll leave you all with this picture of me at the Jurassic World exhibition at the Melbourne Museum a few months ago.


Seeya 🙂

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