Why am I here

Hey all,

My name is Katie Oerlemans. That last name is Dutch but I was born in Australia. I’m studying Digital Heritage because it is part of the course as a core unit. This is probably not a unit I would have selected had I had a choice but I’m enjoying it anyway.

So far I’ve learned some cool stuff and I look forward to learning some more cool stuff. I am still a little confused about what is required for the assessment items but I’m sure I will understand in due course.

I have to say I really like the use of the different platforms, from Slack to this Blog. I kinda wish at the beginning of the Moodle page there were easy and quick links to all the login pages such as the Slack site, this Blog and the Digital Heritage Handbook. This would make getting around easier, rather than having to go a find the links, which are all over the place.

Well that’s me, Have a good day, Bye



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