My name is James I am in my early 20’s and have broad interests in history and culture. I am doing this unit because I like heritage and conservation and I think that it is important for us to preserve the past and present today for the future tomorrow.

The use of digital tools and technology to adapt how we see, use and access heritage is interesting and I am eager to learn how this can be used to further the aims and uses of heritage.




Hey there!

I’m Paula. I find digital interaction quite hard, due that I’m not use to it, yet the fact that we can achieve an increase in general knowledge, exchange ideas and information that we would not otherwise makes me want to try harder to understand the digital world.

I have a big project waiting for me back home.. oh, by the way I;m from Argentina. There digitization or the mere fact of sharing things constantly through the internet is not an usual thing: Therefore, introducing a different way or discipline that could actually reduce the use of paper and help us communicate faster, easier and being able to share limitless information in just some seconds would help to develop ideas and  reduce the feeling of exclusion or increase the possibilities for people to participate in activities they would like through the network.


have a great day!




My name is Maddy I’m 20 and I have a keen interest in heritage and conservation studies and specifically art and the Renaissance era. I’m taking this unit because I think that in the future a knowledge of these matters will come in handy with things like categorising and organising collections within museums. I also find the way that we can preserve things digitally very intriguing.


Why am I here

Hey all,

My name is Katie Oerlemans. That last name is Dutch but I was born in Australia. I’m studying Digital Heritage because it is part of the course as a core unit. This is probably not a unit I would have selected had I had a choice but I’m enjoying it anyway.

So far I’ve learned some cool stuff and I look forward to learning some more cool stuff. I am still a little confused about what is required for the assessment items but I’m sure I will understand in due course.

I have to say I really like the use of the different platforms, from Slack to this Blog. I kinda wish at the beginning of the Moodle page there were easy and quick links to all the login pages such as the Slack site, this Blog and the Digital Heritage Handbook. This would make getting around easier, rather than having to go a find the links, which are all over the place.

Well that’s me, Have a good day, Bye



Introduction of myself

Hi everyone,

Nice to meet you guys in class. I’m Yizhuo Zhang, a second year student, and I’m currently studying Bachelor of Media Arts and Production, which is more like film production.

The reason I study this unit is, This is for my open elective unit. I think it will be very interesting and lots of fun. I like historical things, and I have some skills for this unit, like website building, video production.

Hope we’ll have a great journey for this unit!