A couple of thoughts for Week 3

1. When searching a particular phrase the results that are returned should reflect an actual answer to what you are asking for not just the current bias.
2. http://pmem.unix.fas.harvard.edu:8080/peabody/browse I particularly like the selection process on the Peabody Museum in Boston with the groups of commonly requested items. They give you a visual guide to the objects others have previously been engaged by.
3. Using a set of my favourite song lyrics from Florence and the Machine, the hippo ate words such as love, father, kisses, children, turning, happiness etc. This returned a result of census records and photos from Trove, the Natural History Museum in London. Naturalis Biodiversity Center on Europeana, La Foruna Visiva di Pompei on Europeana. Im not a hundred percent certain what the point of this particular exercise was meant to achieve.

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