About me….

As a busy Mum of three it’s not very often about me!

You might be wondering about my username? It’s probably not what you think? For those not yet around in the 80’s, “Summer of Sixty Nine” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9f06QZCVUHg (sorry cut and paste :() …is a fab song by Bryan Adams. This is one good reason to have it as my username. The other is that it reflects my vintage. I am, only just, a child of the 60’s (a flower child). I was born the year man landed on the moon… a year that was a significant step forward for me and for mankind.

Many of you will already know that I work at the NMA sounds boring but I look after the Museum’s collection databases EMu, Piction and Collection Explorer.Perhaps in this company that’s not so boring? I love the endless possibilities that collections in digital form offer and while I have worked around data for a long time I can’t code or do more technical stuff myself …yet… that’s why I am here. I hope to learn new and meaningful ways to share my love of all things heritage.

Till next time

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