Reflection (not forgotten, just)

So after forgetting to reflect last week, I almost forgot again. But here I am, surprised by the very nature of Google search. Somewhere in the back of my mind I think I knew but still I am some form of shocked. I don’t believe we should have a filter bubble. When I search something, I am searching for the most real piece of information possible that fits into the category of my search rather than the category of my personalised views and opinions. A search should be unbiased and untainted. You should be able to receive the tiniest detail of information based on its accuracy, not your web browsing history and social media history.

The last part about copyright I did have knowledge of. However I was unaware of how it affected our ability to interact with our cultural heritage and history. In a way I am surprised there is not a better filter system that allows certain less sensitive materials through and more sensitive materials are kept locked up. So it talked about how the library would have to go through and check every author and if they died before 1955 and this process could lead to less information being released. But what if a system was creative that could do it for the library? I would think that while we would lose some heritage to copyright, we would gain others from it. Besides that, eventually it would all be released anyway because eventually it would pass that 70 year mark.

As inaccurate as that thought may be, I just thought I’d share.

That said, I enjoyed this weeks tutorial. I mostly enjoyed messing with the Serendip-o-matic for a bit. Very distracting.


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