Reflection Week 10

I haven’t had much experience with seeing 3D images in museums. I think that in the future that it might become quite a interesting way to create exhibits. Something that I envision when i think of grand scale 3d imaging is that it could be used in a way to project a replica image of a building where the building had been. This would mean that people visiting would be able to walk through the image while also being able to see it from afar. Also having a 3d image of an object means that the viewer will be able to see the object from all sides and the bottom rather than just a front on vision of the object. The Smithsonian museum having the 3D images of some of their objects meant that you could see the creators markings on the bottom of their ceramics which I think is very informative for someone who wanted to study the object but can’t see the object in person.

The most groundbreaking use of 3D technology recently is when the Institute of Digital Archaeology were able to recreate through photos of the recently destroyed Arc of Triumph in Syria a life size 3D model. It was unveiled in London and will travel around the world before returning back to Syria.  For more information this is the link to the website




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