Reflections for Week 11

This week I have the final images and stories ready for uploading to the website, once done I’ll then start the process of testing all the links and making sure it all works, it has run live now for about a week.

Our class notes this week have us looking at archiving tools available to use to archive collections, digital records, files or just about anything found useful on the web. From a Commonwealth perspective, there are a few systems available for digitising available from the Australian Government web archive and Pandora to some smaller projects like the National Archives of Australia digitisation project for digitising it’s paper archive .

Whilst a fully functional digital archive is a great tool, they are expensive to operate and maintain with any use they provide being that of providing the intangible support to the tangible objects that nay still exist in the collection.

Digital archiving is here to stay, its success will depend on its flexibility and capability to support the cultural displays or records management programs in the future.

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