Reflections for Week 5

This was an interesting week, the subject of differing types of analyses appealed to my normal drive for solving complex problems (both at work and in class!). My project has life and apart from any setback with receiving the necessary approvals to use some information (even though it is freely available on the internet), all is currently looking good.

Research in/and on the subject of Commonwealth Policing has its limitations (i.e. Commonwealth Police were transferred to the new Australian Federal Police in 1979) any searches for historical information on this topic from 1979 will require the addition of both Commonwealth and Australian Federal police to yield the best results.


Using Google Ngram it confirmed my search for books relating to either Commonwealth Police or Australian Federal Police had to be further defined or risk my final project looking cluttered and difficult to navigate.

Back to the day’s lessons Voyant and Wordcounter offered some fun and is a great tool to run your own speeches or class presentations, using the outcomes as a guide for better speechwriting (no one likes to hear the word UMMM!)


Voyant Tools – Julia Gillard Speech

For the “dirty” work search words I chose Samuel L Jacksons favourite “motherfucker” its resurgence since the 1980’s I’d like to think is contributed to Mr Jackson’s colourful use of language.


Thankyou Tim, this was another great lesson.

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