Week 10

SO this week was extra fun as promised. I think I especially enjoyed looking at the different virtual reality software’s. I have already heard of and experimented with google cardboard as my mum owns one and has used it on her trip to Africa. But I really enjoyed finding out about the cultural institution VR tours through google maps. I am in two minds about it however. I don’t know if it is entirely a good idea. But I do think that it would be a good tool to use in conjunction with other collection materials for cultural institutions. I can see how do a VR tour of a museum with links to the objects and their information could be a useful tool. With a tool like that you could access the museum after ┬ávisiting it to go over and remember what it is you explored during that visit. You could also use it to see a place before going to it to see if it worth going to depending on your interests. As was pointed out in class, another use would be for disabled persons who can’t access the museum for whatever reason.

At the same time I do believe there is the down side of not going to the museum at all because there is a virtual reality viewer. You could get away with not going at all and then the museum or galleries attendance rates would go down which is not good for funding and the like.

In the end I think this is a good tool to use in moderation. The National Museum has the virtual reality site through google which works in conjunction with some object links. It shows you enough of the museum to get you curious, but not too much so that there is still something to see when you go in.

That’s my opinion anyway.

Till next time

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish

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