Week 10 Reflection

Hey everyone,
Last lesson we looked at the interaction we have with space, through 3d digital imaging, virtual tours and such.

The topic of virtual tours was interesting because it brought up a lot of different opinions. We clicked through the National Museum of Australia’s virtual tour and not everyone liked it because it isn’t the best representaton of reality. I however really enjoyed the idea of virtual tours because, the NMA for example, is now more accessible to people with disabilities.

We also looked at museums and galleries around the world created 3D images and models of objects. I think this is great for SO many reasons. Some people in class said that having a 3D image would make researching a particular object easier than trying to work with a 2D image, whilst others stated that having that documentation is important in case of a disaster that leads to the destruction of an original object. At the AICCM conference in Hobart last year I remember one of the talks being about how museums and galleries have started using 3D replicas of objects for different reasons. One talk was about integrating 3D replicas into tours for visually impaired visitors to allow them to experience the artworks, whilst another talk was about how museums and galleries use 3D replicas for displays, while the original pieces sit safely and comfortable in storage somewhere.

This lesson has given me a really strong urge to just 3D print everything. Maybe from now on I will only gift people in 3D replicas of them.

See you all this week 🙂

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