Week 10 Reflection

This class is always good fun, but this week was so much more fun than your stereotypical university class.

Before this lesson, I do not believe that I had ever experienced Virtual Reality, so to do so as part of a unit was awesome. I went into the lesson with virtually no prior knowledge about VR, how it works, or its accessibility. By the end of the afternoon I had learned that anyone with a smartphone can access VR thanks to Google’s affordable ‘Cardboard’ VR goggles – and how disconcerting it can be when you take the goggles off.

I also discovered the glorious online PC game, Second Life, which I promptly downloaded but unfortunately doesn’t work very well with my currently sluggish laptop 🙁

The part where a 3D image was created of an object right there in the classroom, was slightly mind-blowing. I wasn’t previously aware of the app technology that made such a thing possible without expensive hardware. Only problem is that I do not believe that I would be able to have stable enough hands to create a good 3D image – I can’t keep completely still when filming something with my hands and arms resting flat on something. C’est la vie!

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