Week 11: Archiving the web

This is something that really has not occured to me before but really should have. Archiving the web has so many purposes, and offers such a great insight into the technology, opinions and social practises in contemporary history. In particular WebRecorder is an interesting tool for personal curating of your own experience with the web, and takes control of both¬†literal¬†history and the way we engage with it. No non-digital tool could simultaneously use the technology it is trying to archive and show its capacity. Storify is an example of collecting reactions/thoughts that I think has a lot of potential. Obviously twitter already has the ‘search’ tags, which similarly does what Storify does, but Storify allows you to curate, and present it in a tangible and analytical way. I made my own on the reactions of twitter promoting the Smithsonian’s kickstarter project to help raise funds to preserve Dorothy’s ruby slippers from the Wizard of OZ:

I always think in terms of collecting and objects, what can this tell people 100 years from now and does it matter? In this time the internet would be a hugely significant thing in communicating to people from the future studying history of today of what society was like. I think capturing not only websites and their history, but it’s also a new way of capturing people’s beliefs and opinions on social media which is really cool.

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