Week 11 Reflections

This week’s discussion in DIY web archiving reminds me what I do not like about internet and computers – the games. I feel so old-fashioned as I have resisted playing computer games my whole life and everyone must feel I am weird as I actually collect old-fashioned games that people played outdoors in the 18th and 19th centuries. So while you are playing games on the internet I’m outdoors teaching children how to play bat and trap, croquet and more.

But back to the topic! I actually really love the Wayback Machine and use it all the time. So often I’m finding dead websites in my historic costume research and this is my first go-to place. I’ve never really explored Pandora but believe that our old website is stored there. I wish I could update it as we’ve corrected a lot of the information since then. It certainly raises the question about what to do when the information archived is now considered wrong – how do we get it corrected? Is it right that misinformation can exist because of our desire to archive everything?

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