Week 12: hard to focus

I’ll freely admit that I had a hard time focusing this week. I made it through learning more about the x-ray tool and then got majorly distracted.

Firstly I was on task distracted as I made my way through and read a lot of Tim’s various websites. The redaction thing is seriously amusing and being an artist myself I found it particularly interesting. The fact that someone put their own spin on an otherwise boring job speaks to me in many ways.

I then proceeded to be distracted by RecordSearch — People Inside for Greasemonkey. I did not read all of it but quite a bit of it. My favourite part was The Real Faces of White Australia. I love reading about the history of Australia in general but I got more than just an interesting read from this site. I like the grid format of the page and how the information pops out when you click on it. I would actually like to use this method of showing information for my project.

This prompted me to become distracted by my project. I started looking at how I could get a similar effect with the free theme I was using. Obviously it’s not possible, but it could be, if I knew the right coding and spent some money on it.

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