Week 2 Reflection

The week 2 workshop continued to unpack, for me, the terrain of the digital world and how it can be harnessed in various ways to signify, signpost, highlight and interact with our cultural heritage.

Afew of the central thematic and conceptual tenets of our workshop and discussions include how history can be wielded by everyday people in digital heritage, primarily motivated by their specific interests and passions, allowing for other enthusiasts to explore, learn and fathom the depths and outposts of their chosen interest. In the digital terrain, ethical and critical thinking issues naturally come to the fore, due to newness and novelty inherent in this forum. I really liked the Zooniverse platform and how crowd sourcing initiatives can be instigated to propagate and build heritage archiving projects.

Oh,and I got over my reservations with Twitter – I signed up and have since really enjoyed seeing how bots work to highlight concepts and conversations in the general domain and how these can be creatively exploited and highlighted.

The possibilities for a project are expanding exponentially, however, I want to focus on and decide on an personal area of interest, over the next week, before I can explore my options for enacting this project.

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