Week 2 Reflection

Something fun this week was the¬†traffic light post-it notes. I think they’re such a great idea and I think they’re fun to use.

I didn’t realise how many Twitter bots were out there, so I definitely enjoyed learning about them, how they worked and what they produced.

The crowd-sourcing section was definitely interesting. I liked that the ‘Zooniverse’ website had a wide variety of projects people can contribute to, and that they are sorted into categories. I checked out a few different ones to see what they were about and what you had to do. I think some were easier than others. For instance, I personally prefer ones where you transcribe text as opposed to ones where you have to identify if there are animals present in a picture, and if so what they are. I find the animal one difficult because I am by no means an animal expert and I found myself searching Google Images for the different species options that were available to figure out what they looked like and what differentiates them from other animals.

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