Week 2 Reflection

Week 2 Reflection

The following are my thoughts on several things covered this week.

I foundĀ  Trove Traces very interesting. While not all that surprising, the thought of being able to see what all the information was being used for opened up interesting questions. This also creates possibilities to determine and then better provide the kind of information that the public finds useful.

I am very interested in the applications of crowdsourcing, Zooniverse and its use of crowdsourcing made many seem like interactive games yet they are productive. I don’t have any clear idea yet, but I am thinking of possibilities in this style for my project.

The use of bots for heritage was sort of interesting since I already knew the standard applications of bots I at first thought “well it retrieves a random link, its cool, but what is the point?”. After thinking on it for a while I could see the potential, especially with the @everythreeminutes bot. This bot I found incredibly powerful, bringing information like this into everyday life and the digital sphere in such a connective way is a genius move. I hope we see more similar and interesting uses for bots in the future, I am sure we will.


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