Week 3 Reflection

Week 3:

The nature of filter bubbles was very interesting, I noticed a lot of results were referring to the experiment in the form of screenshots of the comparisons. I wonder what the results were like in the past and if it has shifted not just from what caused controversy recently but how the results would have shown up several years ago. It could be interesting to use google search results of the same phrase from different times as a sort of historical snapshot to then interpret.

Serendipity is pretty intriguingĀ  I searched the only quote I can remember from Gladiator and it came up with several images of various nondescript scenes marked as Title not known, date unmarked there is no way I would logically come across these if I was searching for a certain title the words “are, you, not, entertained” are hardly words I would search in a database. Yet here are photos I would never have seen, it’s obviously hard to use this when researching something but using it to find something to research or just maybe lucking out and finding something relevant is very cool!


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