Week 3 Reflection!

Hey everyone,

I thought this weeks activities and readings were really interesting. When I googled unprofessional hairstyles for work my results were screenshots of the results (inception), so for a second I wasn’t sure what I was looking for. As James said in his reflection, it made me wonder what the results would have been like prior to the experiment going viral.

I have noticed/read about the filter bubble before but I still cant believe how advanced technology is in terms of using our history and location to limit our view of the world to only things we are interested in, it makes me feel like we are stuck in little bubbles despite having everything at our fingertips.

I think that http://www.artbinderviewer.com/ is a good example of a generous interface. There are two options to search the collection, one is via keyword – not so generous; the other is by COLOUR! It doesn’t require a search term, it doesn’t expect the viewer to know anything about the collection or what they’re looking for other than the colour, which is why I think it works well under the category of ‘generous interface’.

Thanks everyone,


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