Week 3 Reflection

I learned several things in this week’s class. One of these things has confirmed something I have suspected for a while about the internet – personalised searches and advertisements. I had often thought that the degree of relevancy of ads and suggestions I see on sites like Google and Facebook couldn’t be a coincidence, and now it has been confirmed.

It’s also interesting to learn that Google’s search algorithm apparently mirrors conversations about the subject of the search enquiry.

The thing I learnt that I found the most interesting was about copyright and Trove. I had no idea just how complicated copyright can be when digitally publishing newspapers. Nor did I know that unpublished manuscripts have perpetual copyright.

The ‘GIF It Up’ competition, run by the Digital Library of America and DigitalNZ, sounds really interesting. But even looking at the provided tutorial material, it is still a bit too confusing for me, so I might not enter – especially since I’m a full-time student and I unit assessments are more of a priority than competitions.

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