Week 3 Reflection

I found getting to look at the way that search engines work was really interesting considering I probably use one every single day but have never put very much thought in to it. I also think that the fact that my location and history can have an effect on what results I get from my searches is fascinating, if you are using that in a heritage context it could really help to narrow things down so you don’t get so many wide ranges of results that aren’t really relevant to what you are looking for. I also found the culture collage to be a particularly interesting part of this weeks activities and quite specifically the on this day part. I found it really cool to just be able to click on that and found hundreds of years of history from today alone, however, it did start to grow smaller the further back the years went, but that might be due to a lack of records rather than an inefficiency of the tool itself. Still a really cool idea that would make a fascinating project.

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