week 3

For this class, we look upon different search tools.

I didn’t know how many ways to search though things where out there. The coolest thing is, that depending on the tool you use you get back a different result. For example:

Serendip-o-matic gives you the results just from a search within the collections, while Google gives you the results from the whole Internet. You can see the ‘past’ in Serendip-o-matic, and see the ‘now’ through Google.

What I found interesting about this class is that, you can even get results that you were not expecting to get or that you would have never imagine as options, but they are relevant to your search.

In my opinion, Knowing about different ways to search though networks is essential, not only for collections but for the increase of knowledge in general. And knowing which tool to use, will also save you time on the search for something, due that it narrows down your field of work (according to the tool you use).

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