Week 4 Reflection

I found this week to be technical enough for me to follow along with in class, but slightly too technical and complicated to do all by myself

I had heard of a couple of the things covered in class – like APIs and Trove Harvester – though I don’t claim to have been very knowledgeable about them. So learning about them again was beneficial for me and my digital knowledge.

I like the concept of WTFCSV, because the only thing I would be able to think about doing with a CSV file would be the ‘CSV Import’ plug-in in Omeka. So a tool like WTFCSV will be helpful when I encounter CSV files in future and give me ideas on what to do with the data within it.

The concepts of scrapping and cleaning data were somewhat foreign to me, but this week’s lesson explained them pretty well, which means I feel a bit more confident with the processes.

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