Week 4 Reflections

Another week, another strong feeling that I just don’t have a handle on the digital side of digital heritage. Tim’s paper on Maps and Pins was fascinating, however, it’s the concepts I like, but struggle to get around how to practically tackle a project such as adding faces to Archives searches.

But small steps I guess, and here’s one of them, my first attempt at plotting data with Plot.ly.¬†Ok so that hyperlink isn’t fabulous, but here’s a screengrab of the bar graph from the data representing populations of Males and females in tasmania, broken up by town and year using census data from 1881 to 1901.

Week 4 Plotly Test

Open Refine seems incredibly useful, particularly when looking over the data from the Tasmanian inquests. Using open refine, the ‘free form’¬†descriptions of inquest findings could be collated and, well, refined to provide more practical information. Really cool stuff, but I still have to get my head around CSV’s, API’s and most other acronyms we’ve run into.


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