Week 5 Reflection

I enjoy being able to look back and see what was happening on a particular day in history. Analysing speeches in the ways Tim recommended has been fun, although I find listening to old speeches even more fascinating – the way politicians spoke in the past was so different from today and some of the words they used would be considered too formal and stuffy.

I love Edmund Barton’s 1901 speech that came up when searching for the word ‘’vulgarism’ at Explore the Election Speeches – in fact, this was the only result that came back.

Will you not return men of principle who will uphold the dignity of the Parliament of a continent. An an old Speaker, I appreciate this need. Hope and believe Parliament will not be degraded by vulgarism and disorder. More and better business will be done, if done decently and in order.

QueryPic wasn’t working for me and kept on timing out. I’ll have to come back to it another day. Google’s Ngram gave me better results showing what I expected when I put the words refugee, humanitarian and illegal.


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