Week 6 Reflections

So many new possibilities emerge for analysis and representation when we look at cultural heritage data in a digital form. This week I learnt all about how data visualisation shows statistical and numerical data in different visual ways and how useful it is for examining large datasets. It was also interesting to learn about infographics and learn how they tell stories to a particular audience but don’t actually use data – certainly handy for those who like pretty pictures. With the US elections happening right now we’re being exposed to a whole lot of visualisations, though I’d be very wary of where all the data is coming from. I’d be labelling most of these to be persuasive visualisations right now. Seeingdata.org linked through to a lot more explanations and possibilities to explore.

I was impressed by https://www.silk.co/ but restrained myself from exploring further as I am already using Omeka.net for another project.

I have been amazed by how many tools Tim has introduced into my life and whilst at first I want to use them all, time and reality steps in and I have go back to the basics.

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