Week 6

Sinuously! How many types of graphs can there be?

I consider that is good to get to know about different types or ways to make graphs to adapt to the different ways of showing information. visualizing something helps to understand things better! The colours that distinguish the different elements, time periods, etc. All settle into one graphic. It’s amazing how easy it makes you acknowledge a huge amount of information just in one visual.

But, although is good to have different types of graphics that adapt to the type of information you have or to the way one wants to display things, It could be tricky for does that do not have much experience with technology.

One has to be careful, depending on the graphs you use there are many things that can be misunderstood by other viewers.

In addition, the technology advance and new graphs come into play constantly, what will create lots of confusion if you are no up to date.

in conclusion every graphic should be enplane briefly for the viewer to understand it.

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