Week 7: how big is Australia REALLY?

Since my early introduction to west wing I have known about the why and how of the obscure map of the world and so this was nothing new to me. What was new was that funky map we got to play ‘The True Size of.” What a great tool and so educational.

What was really great about this weeks tutorial was we learned about maps and how to put data into them in such a way as to show off some really cool information. I mean just check out this map we created in Carto about bicycle accidents in Canberra (using data provided by Tim of course).

I am definitely looking forward to using this tool as part of my project.

Lastly, the best part (or rather the coolest) was looking at MapWarper. I won’t be using this tool in my project but I was really intrigued by it. The function of this tool is to place old maps over newly mapped locations. We took an old map of Melbourne and used this tool to warp it into shape over a ‘google map’ type of map background. It didn’t take a whole lot, just a few markers to give the tool a base to go off and then it did the rest. What you end up with is a modern map with the old map pasted over it and you can change the opacity so that you can see both maps at the same time. It’s a great tool and really shows how a place (Melbourne) has changed.

I really enjoyed this class.


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