Week 7 – Mapping

I used the tools in this lesson for my project. I found that, after using the provided steps to create an interactive map with Google Maps, it became quite simple to develop the timeline of events. I tested ease-of-use with a few friends and family members, and they found the map simple to use and interesting. I also explored the potential creation of other mapping applications such StoryMap JS and Myhistro. However, I realised that the scope of my project could be fulfilled within the Google Maps application – ‘ Keep it simple, stupid’. Although, the application was limited in that I was unable to display dates, titles or numbers alongside the geographical markers. So, it became necessary to use the sidebar to view the timeline in order. Perhaps this was operator misunderstanding, however it still proved to be a limiting factor for the interactive map nonetheless.

If the project was to be developed further, the map could be enhanced. Maps could include videos, letters or newspaper excerpts – any relevant objects to the timeline that add meaningful learning value. However, this is limited based on the availability of objects and source specific to each object.

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