Better late then never I guess. But I do remember week 9, mostly because of the redaction art. I’ve said this before but I really think redaction art is a clever way of making a boring job interesting. I currently volunteer at the National Museum and whilst the work is interesting, too much of the same thing can be tedious at times.

Then we did the finding faces thing. The fact that humans see faces in everything is something I was already aware of. For ages I’ve been that person who will look at a photo or tree or scene and see a face in it. I think it is totally cool that there are tools that can find those faces for you and with quite a bit of accuracy. It’s scary though because what if the wrong kind of person was using that technology to find you everywhere you went. According to CSI and NCIS that’s a thing.

The Anne Boleyn medal was the most interesting thing beside the redaction art for me. I agree that the whole thing seems a little fishy. But at the same time it is a really cool demonstration of how such technologies can be used. I remember thinking that I can’t wait to get into the museums and art gallery field and research similar situations just like this.

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