Week 9 reflection

Hi everyone,

My week 9 reflection is a bit late due to not having internet in my new house 🙁

Last weeks lesson was really interesting, enjoyable, and so very creepy.

I enjoyed the new discovery of redaction art, and submitting some photos to the Vintage Art Depot on Twitter. I submitted a bunch of real photos, but also a cartoon image of myself to see whether it would detect the face, and it worked! The topic of facial recognition reminded me of this post which I find so funny. Also, since becoming aware that humans are REALLY good at detecting faces in things, I actually cant stop detecting faces in things. More so than before.

Actually being able to sit through a lesson made such a difference than trying to do it all online, so I’m very happy that I don’t have any more forensics tutorials clashing with this unit.

Looking forward to this weeks class,


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