Week 9 Reflection

This week basically served to remind me of a whole bunch of internet memes. The Redacted art was a really cool thing I’d never thought about before and I think my favourite from the series that was included was the Ship doodled on the government file.

As far as recognizing faces go, all I could think of was that prank where people go putting googly eyes onto various inanimate objects. Its one of those things that never fails to bring a smile to my face.

All that being said the use of computers for recognize faces is not something that should be that foreign of an idea. Image storing services like Picasso use algorithms to identify different people in photos and suggest tags so that you can correctly identified in photos. This has lead to some humorous situations in the past where photos of my 11 year old self were confused by the algorithm as being the face of my 40-something Uncle. Not to mention apps like Snapchat would be unable to work their filters if they did not have some sort of facial recognition service.

As creepy as some of the uses for these tools can be, such as for security, you certainly can’t deny they can’t also be used for fun.


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