Week 9 Reflection

The ASIO Redaction art was really fascinating. I find it interesting that some of the redactions are perfect rectangles, others are simply the appearance of highlighting text. And then there’s the art, my gosh, it is brilliant. I can only imagine the circumstances which would lead to people turning the necessary redactions into drawings. Whoever first thought of doing it, was a truly great human being.

I enjoyed learning and playing with the Twitter bot FaceDepot and how its programming recognises what it believes are faces and then randomly picks another face from Trove photos and swaps them. I had lots of fun experimenting with the bot. I sent it several photos  – some of them to challenge its programming to see what it would come up with, which produced some interesting and funny results.

In terms of privacy concerns with facial detection software, I do sometimes worry about my face being used for something without my knowledge or permission. However, my worries are no where near bad enough to warrant any of the strange hairstyles shown in class.

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