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This is the face replacement with @facedepot.


It’s quite interesting and useful. This belongs to face detection, not recognition. Actually, face detection has already used for entertainment use, like Snapchat, you can create interesting video with interesting face in real time.


I’ve tried the Face++, it can not only detect human face, but also tells you the gender, age, races, and other information.


I think it can be used for department shopping industry, when people want to try some clothes, they just need to standing in front of camera, or upload their photo online. Then, according to their gender, age, races, body size… the system can give suggestions to them. However, it can also raise racism and gender equal problems. Nobody can say Asian people can’t wear what kind of clothes, or can. Nobody can say female can’t wear what kind of clothes, or can.

And for those hair styles that can blind facial recognition system, I don’t think it’s a big issue. Because with the development of technology, more advanced system will appear, and it won’t blind facial recognition system any more.

However, just like many people may think, the Aussie government’s new ‘weapon’ may raise privacy problems. So, I fully support government’s behaviour, but they need to make sure people’s privacy can be fully protected, only used for government departments. Not sold, not leaked, not like census.


And yes, facial recognition can be very helpful for heritage protection, instead of human eyes. Maybe you can find Emperor Qin Shihuang was walking in crowd at a ancient China painting?

For the last video at week 9 handbook, I think it can raise fraud issues. It looks like Snapchat, but if some people believed it, maybe someone use granddaughter’s face to fake grandmother of grandfather. And it’s not only photo, it’s video, with the voice can also be imitated with latest technology.


I have tried IBM demo page, and the result is right.

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