Week Ten – VR, AR, and Games ?

Hi everyone,

This week we looked at digital heritage through the realm of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR, a 3DS can do this!), and 3d.

There is so much possibility for digital heritage here! I was especially impressed by Street Museum, an app that brings up historical images based on your location. It would be fantastic to see this expand to other locations, and even have people contribute their own images, like a fusion between Raidiooooo and Google Maps.

Speaking of Google, we also looked at Google Arts and Culture’s virtual tour of the National Museum of Australia. I’m already quite familiar with the virtual tours, having used them in the past to ward away boredom and to admire museums from afar (the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar looks a lot like the Art Gallery of Western Australia, or at least the atrium does.) I really hope that more cultural sites and institutions are added, and that new and exciting ways of virtually accessing cultural material becomes available.

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