Week Twelve – Online Interventions ?

Hi everyone,

Most of this lesson was spent giving feedback on the unit however we did look at some things.

I was impressed with the changes Tim made to the view of record search using UserScripts, giving the site a human angle by allowing people using his extension to see images and information of the people in the archives as opposed to just the data. It was fantastic to be able to see how people can change the perspective of a website, or could even be used for better user interface!

We also played around with the console again. Last time I was quite overwhelmed by it (that was week one, I had zero computer skills aside from searching, Microsoft office and photoshop) but this week we just copied and pasted some content to change the view of the site to say ‘All your secrets are belong to us’ (all your base are belong to us, anyone?).

I took the liberty to change it to a more updated reference though.


Dustin is pretty much me in this scene…

Thank you for a great semester! It was certainly a challenge to get my head around some things but all in all it was an enjoyable experience.




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