Who Am I and What Am I Doing Here?

Hello, Hello, Hello,

My name is Amanda; I am a third year Cultural Heritage and Conservation student. Sorry for being a little late to the party. I was originally enrolled in 8945: Museums and the Anthropology of Collecting however since that subject is no longer available I was withdrawn and the email sent to my clutter box, I then had to find another subject instead, jump some late enrolment hurdles and here I am.

In hindsight everything happens for a reason and I am so excited (literally jumping up and down) to be doing this unit. So it was a good thing that my original option is no longer available as now I can learn all the awesome digital ‘things’.

I spend two days on campus working on a research project in the forensics department where I have my own office, which is very cool, and I can get lots of work done. At home I have a little toddler so the peace and quite on campus is great but also leaves me completing my final subjects (including this one) via the flexible option.

I look forward to virtually meeting you all.




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