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‘Hello World’, what a phrase! Both a slightly odd greeting, and the catchy theme song to an iconic Australian children’s program from the 2000s – The Saddle Club. Much of the lyrics in this song are easily identifiable with me and how I try to live – sometimes I AM insecure, and life is often easier when you’re smiling, and it definitely should be fun! After all, I believe that we only get one life and so we should make the most of it. And most importantly, we should embrace who we are – unless of course who you really are is something along the lines of a serial killer or psychopath, then maybe not embrace that….

Now you may be asking yourself, who is this person who likes The Saddle Club? The “simple” answer is this… I am a born and raised Sydney girl. My initials are ABC and my first name is Amber – and yes, I have the answer, but do YOU have the right question… My mother’s side is Ukrainian and I take pride in that heritage. I am the youngest of 6 girls – the 4 eldest being from my dad’s previous marriage – and as of today I have 3 nephews and 3 nieces – half of whom I love dearly and am more and more proud of every day.

I consider myself to be a somewhat quirky person, I make bad jokes all the time, and I love Disney, Jane Austen (Mr Darcy forever <3), history, sheep and reading!! I think of myself as someone who is loyal to my friends and family, but if you damage that friendship by treating badly repeatedly without remorse or just reveal your true colours and turn out to be a not-so-great person in general, then you should consider yourself dead to me and all contact between us will be stopped – if possible.

I moved to Canberra to study and follow my passion for history and its preservation and conservation. My studies have been fascinating and exciting – to me, at least. I’ve learned about different kinds of materials, how to make boxes with acid-free cardboard, and now I am learning about ways with which cultural and heritage data ca be used digitally to provide new perspectives on different subjects.

This blog account was created due to a Uni class – Exploring Digital Heritage. From this class I am hoping to get some ideas and inspiration for ways that I can display at least a portion of the family history research I have found.

Bye for now,


That’s all she wrote, folks.

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