Week 10 Reflection

3D imaging is an interesting challenge for me and I enjoyed this week’s lesson. I downloaded 123D and had a play but certainly experienced some of its limitations with a lot of background, and at times some of the back of the image was missing. This app was a phone app – I would have loved to have been able to upload images taken by my camera to see if I could get better results. Due to time limitations I was not able to experiment with Meshmixer.

I enjoyed exploring the cultural heritage offerings at https://sketchfab.com/models/categories/cultural-heritage and can certainly see how useful they are in learning. It is certainly such a new technology that there are not many collections taking it up yet. I look forward to seeing it happen with historical fashion – so many times we complain as we only see one part of a garment which can be frustrating when the back and front can be so different. Museum of Victoria has so many interesting objects but only used this for its paleontology collection.

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