Week 2 Reflection

I’ve just finished the week 2 readings and activities and the one thing that stood out to me the most was the guy who created 200 Trove lists about lawnmowers. My first thought was “that’s super random, who needs that?” but then I thought that it actually is really cool that there are ways for people to collect things that are really specific to them. I got lost on Trove looking for things that I’m interested in and seeing how many specific collections cater to my interests. When I was younger I collected magazine and newspaper clip outs of my favourite model, Lily Cole (no longer a model, but she continues to inspire me with what she does), so I just cant wrap my head around the fact that all of these magazine clippings of her are now on an online database.

I remember learning about Trove and hearing similar things in a previous class of yours Tim, Anthropology of Collections I think? but I will have to admit that I didn’t appreciate Trove for what it is at the time, but now after doing this unit I just think it is so great.

The Tiny Gallery is my new favourite thing, it reminds me of an online dolls house. Zooniverse.org is really cool, I can see how something like this would be so useful in the cultural heritage/ conservation sector.

I actually feel like it was easier to go back and read through the week two activities and readings now (at the end of the semester) than it was earlier on in the semester. Coming into this unit I found it hard to understand everything because of how different this unit is to everything else I’ve studied, but now I’m finding it easier to understand things I previously couldn’t wrap my head around.


Nour 🙂

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