Week 9 Reflection

Finding out this week about just how far face detection has come and how much companies and governments are investing in the technology was a little creepy. The bad dystopian sci-fi names ( such as ‘the capacity’) for them aside it was really cool how some designers had come up with styles that allowed you to avoid facial recognition software. They looked equally as sci-fi as the technology sounds, it will be interesting to see if eventually the technology develops to see through these disguises. Although as humans see face in things that machines can’t see I guess it would be a very long process to get that far.

I found the idea of redaction art very interesting as it is something that has gone undiscovered only to be brought to light through detection software and the human eye.

I liked the idea of image classification and were it a completely free service would be interested in playing around with it. One idea I had was for its use with historical artworks such as representations by ancient cultures of the sun, I am not sure why but it seems like it would have the potential to find some interesting things.

I also laughed at the prospect that the positive and negative folders made me realise that everything in the world can be sorted into two categories, goldfish and not goldfish.

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